Quad or Atv

Quad or Atv

Quad (ATV) is another adventurous activity conducted at Solang Valley during winters. In it, tourists ride a four-wheeled vehicle (an ATV or snowmobile) in full speed and enjoy the thrill as they jump over bumpy roads and slopes. The adventure is quite popular at Manali.

There are three types of ATV rides offered in Manali:

ATV Ride on Rocky Trail, Manali

This 90-minute long adventurous ATV ride is conducted on the rocky terrain on the banks of the River Beas. It is one of the toughest terrains. Conquering it on your ATV will be definitely wonderful.

Price: Starting from INR 6500

Buggy and ATV Riding on Forest Trails, Manali

The forests around Manali are not just for hiking and trekking. You can also have a helluva ride on your ATV there.

Take the tour and you’ll have an unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget.

Price: Starting from INR 4000

Triple Adventure Day out at Solang Valley near Manali

In this, we club the ATV ride with other adventures like snowboarding and zorbing. The activity is worth it because you’re going to have all types of adventures in just one activity.

According to us, you must go for it.

Price: Starting from INR 2650

What to keep in mind?

As there is some amount of risk involved, make sure your ATV is in working condition and you’re driving it under proper instructions. This will minimize injury risks.

Contacts us for more details or to book the activity.