Disclaimer Policies

Disclaimer Policies


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Services offered by Himachal Honeymoon Packages

We provide a wide range of tourism services to our users like tour itineraries, tour packages, and activities. You can know about all the services from our packages and activities section.
Please note that we can add, modify, or remove services from the website without any prior notice. So, make sure you keep checking our website from time to time.


Some services might require you to register with the website. For this, you need to:

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Intellectual Property Rights

Himachal Honeymoon Packages owns the copyright to all the content and images on the website. You can’t use it without our permission. Any person violating the policy will be subjected to legal action.

Accuracy of the Information

Although we have taken proper precautions to provide accurate data on www.himachalhoneymoonpackages.com , we don’t take any responsibility for the accuracy of the website content.
If you want to suggest corrections, you’re most welcome to contact us anytime.


  • Himachal Honeymoon Packages owns the copyright to the website
  • You can’t use our content or images without our permission
  • Some of our services are available only after registration
  • Please fill accurate details during registration so that we can provide you the right services
  • Any violation of these policies will result in legal action

Keep these terms & conditions in mind to make ensure proper coordination between us.