When I was a little kid, I loved to roll down the hill. I even broke my left arm and front teeth doing that once. So, my parents forbid me from doing it forever.

But now as I have grown up, the sport has come back and in more excited form. While I get the same old excitement, I don’t need to worry about injury or anything. Thanks guys.

This is what our client Pradeep Nagpal said after participating in Zorbing. It’s a thrilling sport in which you climb inside a big inflated ball and roll down the hill.

The activity is being conducted at a large scale in Manali. It is so much fun that people pay extra bucks to do it again and again.


This question is completely justified. You’re rolling down the hill in a big transparent ball. What are the chances that you’ll not end up breaking a bone or two?
Well, here’s the answer: The activity is completely safe.
The Zorbing ball is double-walled. This reduces the impact as you hit the ground and protects from any injury. The only thing you need to worry is that you might feel a little dizzy after it. But that’s ok. You’re also having a lot of fun.


We conduct Zorbing at Solang Valley. There are also professional instructors to ensure your safety. The activity will cost around INR 350.
Note:  All the times are perfect for Zorbing except the rainy season (June – September).
Contact us for more details or booking tickets for the activity.